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I failed the quiz....

Little-Rena responds:

I won't tell anyone if you don't!

This is a great oldschool score-based arcade game. The keyboard controls are a bit hard with the space bar and E button being so far apart, but it plays great with an xbox gamepad.

this game is tearing me apart!

The core game is pretty fun. I could see this doing well in any of the mobile app stores if it was polished up a bit.

The only thing holding it all back is the over-long dialogue scenes. I suspect most people ended up skipping them, which ultimately means they added nothing to the game's enjoyability.

If the game was more complex, I could see the need for a deep story, but it's a fast paced reaction game and the long dialogue scenes kill the intensity. I'd suggest trimming them down to 2-5 lines per scene to get the core story points across and get the player into the action ASAP.

Oherwise, it has a great look and is very snappy to play. Keep up the good work!

Solid puzzle game! Fans of 'I spy' and 'hidden picture' games should get a kick out of this.
The biggest problem I had with i was the waiting. When you start the game, it takes a long time to render the board, and each pattern takes a pretty long time to load.

Something about the art direction made the game feel off as well. I think it was probably due to the flat colors, it just made all the tiles blend together. This may have been intentional to add difficulty, but I think the game would have been more enjoyable with the introduction of more contrast, and sharper tiles.

It did take me a while to figure out how to play this as well. Whenever I see a grid based puzzle game my instinct is to click the tiles and make something happen. I wanted to just click every tile in the pattern to solve the game, but after several attempts I realized you needed to drag the little tile shape thing from the left.

If you decide to polish this game, be sure to add some instruction (maybe a small animation on the title screen). I would also suggest maybe using a smaller grid for the first few levels and have the grid grow as the player masters the game.

I really hope you take this idea to the next level. I think you could have a hit game here!

sopito responds:

Thanks, I'll follow your advice.

This is the foundation for a really good puzzle game. Very good implementation of the '3' theme!

The art could use a face lift. but is perfectly fine for a game jam submission.
The sound is a little generic, but it works well enough.
The character movement could, perhaps, be a little smoother, but it doesn't really hurt the game at all.

I didn't get too far into the game, but what I did play showed some solid puzzle design.

With a little more polish, new objects to interact with, and maybe some touchscreen support, I could see this being a pretty popular game. Very impressive prototype!

simonchebel19 responds:

Thank you so much for playing. Yes, there are some things that i must improve, this is my first published game and i'm learning how to do it. The next one will be better :D. Thank you again for playing

The art and sound aren't too bad, but there's no clear direction for how you are supposed to play this game.

With the quick time limit, trying to just figure it out is super frustrating. I would click on the animal I was supposed to find and it would highlight them, but the UFO just flies away and I lose anyway.

I think there's probably a solid reaction game idea here, but the execution is just too frustrating to be enjoyable.

174nana responds:

Hi, thanks for your feedback.

I did consider adding an instruction screen but I find that the game is simple enough where the player only has to find objects and click on them before the time runs out. I will see what I can do to improve this.

FYI, the ufo is just animation and distraction which does not tie to the 3 seconds given. During my initial testing, the game was much easier and it was fairly easy to get to higher levels which makes the game kinda easy and not my goal.

The design of the game is meant to be fairly difficult but the player can get better at the game by playing more often to recognize the objects better and faster. At the same time, there is a heavy dose of randomness that gives it replayability.

This game was made in mind as a time burner while people wait for a bus or in a train, just trying to beat their previous highest level achieved.

Hope you can give it more tries and eventually, it will grow on you. Keep the feedbacks coming :)

Fun little quickie! They evil pyramid needs to be in more games now.

BoMToons responds:

I agree, we need to know more about what motivates him...

I had tears in my eyes from laughing along with this game. Great work dude!

colburt187 responds:

Great to hear! thats my dream for this game.

Terrible game...

This game sucks... there is no auto aim, there's no 10 minute cut scenes between 10 second gameplay routines... the levels don't have text and arrows directing you what to do at every turn, and what the fuck... your health doesn't automatically regenerate?

Oh wait... I am a child of the 80s and actually know how to play REAL GAMES... my bad!

This was definitely worth the wait guys, thanks for the memories!

Abobo responds:

It was made for gays like you. Sorry, g"u"ys like you :)

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