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This was a really fun cartoon, can't wait to see more. Also, very flattered that you named it after me!

This was a good laugh, especially to someone who recently started playing Minecraft with his kids. I've been going on and on about how that game is treated as being educational, but kids learn stuff like "EATING RAW CHICKEN IS OKAY", and "YOU CAN PUNCH FIRE".

Here's a conversation (you can feel free to steal) that happened over this game:

Me to my kids: "So I noticed if you feed wheat to two cows, they fall in love and have a calf. But if you take a couple of buckets, you can milk BOTH of those cows. Tell me what's wrong with that..."

My wife (totally deadpan): "That's not milk..."

I'm pretty sure this is the plot of Transformers 4. And if that is the case, I can honestly say it's the best one in the series!

MindChamber responds:

haha yes.. TF4 is basically this scene stretched out for 2 and a half hours

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this game is tearing me apart!

The core game is pretty fun. I could see this doing well in any of the mobile app stores if it was polished up a bit.

The only thing holding it all back is the over-long dialogue scenes. I suspect most people ended up skipping them, which ultimately means they added nothing to the game's enjoyability.

If the game was more complex, I could see the need for a deep story, but it's a fast paced reaction game and the long dialogue scenes kill the intensity. I'd suggest trimming them down to 2-5 lines per scene to get the core story points across and get the player into the action ASAP.

Oherwise, it has a great look and is very snappy to play. Keep up the good work!

Solid puzzle game! Fans of 'I spy' and 'hidden picture' games should get a kick out of this.
The biggest problem I had with i was the waiting. When you start the game, it takes a long time to render the board, and each pattern takes a pretty long time to load.

Something about the art direction made the game feel off as well. I think it was probably due to the flat colors, it just made all the tiles blend together. This may have been intentional to add difficulty, but I think the game would have been more enjoyable with the introduction of more contrast, and sharper tiles.

It did take me a while to figure out how to play this as well. Whenever I see a grid based puzzle game my instinct is to click the tiles and make something happen. I wanted to just click every tile in the pattern to solve the game, but after several attempts I realized you needed to drag the little tile shape thing from the left.

If you decide to polish this game, be sure to add some instruction (maybe a small animation on the title screen). I would also suggest maybe using a smaller grid for the first few levels and have the grid grow as the player masters the game.

I really hope you take this idea to the next level. I think you could have a hit game here!

sopito responds:

Thanks, I'll follow your advice.

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AnalogByNature responds:

More NG supported stuff coming in the future!


This is the greatest song on newgrounds.... I am glowsticking my rocket right now!

Onic responds:

Good heavens!

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Amazeballs! Now if you'll excuse me, I have this sudden need to kill @evil-dog

deathink responds:

Wow, I haven't been called Amazeballs since my days in the porn industry.

Is this a play on the three wise men following the star? If it is, I wanna see what baby Jesus looks like in this world!

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