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Upcoming Flash-API Updates

Posted by PsychoGoldfish - May 28th, 2008

Just wanted to drop a note here for anyone interested in hearing about the progress of the Flash API.

Over the past few weeks we've had some isolated hiccups that have required our attention, so getting the issues with the Ad stats has been a bit of a trial. We're all back on track now, and I am just now taking my first break from updating the Ad/API scripts to address all the current bugs.

The only major bug right now is that something got jacked up with the script that loads in your earnings stats from the ad company. The dates that it was storing stats under weren't being set correctly resulting in one of two scenarios: users show NO stats for a given month or users show double what they should.

This bug only effects the archives stats, your current daily and current month stats should be working just fine still.

The fix to this issue is nearly complete, so all your stats will eventually get deleted and be re-imported directly from the ad company without any of these date bugs causing problems.

One update that HAS been completed is the addition of the payment address form. If you are using flash ads and haven't filled this out yet, you'll need to get it done before the end of the month so we can pay you.

The next updates will be geared to making the API setup pages less confusing and getting stat pages for all your custom stats and lists of who is hosting your movies.

We're even working on a system to set up revenue splits for multiple authors, so that should be up really soon as well.

Okay, my break is over... back to the trenches!

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Thanks for working hard on it Psycho. Hope this feature will be totally fixed and excellent for us and Newgrounds for sure pretty soon.


So how's pico 2 comin'?

I got lazy and used the same API code for 2 different flashes. Does that really even matter?

yeah it does, each movie has a unique id and if we audit the list of files using it and the movie doesn't match up with what movie it's supposed to be it can be grounds for a termination of your api accounts.

Of course this is mostly to prevent people from abusing the system so you're probably okay in this instance.

I don't really understand as I don't know what Flash-API is please tell me.

Payment Address Form? Better get that taken care of... not that I still don't have a while before I reach $50 or anything. I used to check the API daily, seems I've gotten lazy. Guess I'll venture over there and see what's new and exciting.

Capitalist >:(

The trenches!

All I can say is, bout time.
Luv yeah, want soup?

So, what else is new, Goldfish?

Will this revenue split include audio artists or would flash authors have to consider putting audio artists as co-authors in order to make something work in that fashion? On that note, the revenue split system will be systematically divided (ie, you have 4 people? thats 25% a pop!), or can you set the percents each member gets?

A suggestion.
Hard limit revenue split, say a flash artist wants to pay an audio artist a certain amount, like 50 bucks or something. However they don't know if the flash would make 50 bucks, so let them be able to set a percentage of the revenue to go to them until 50 bucks has been reached, after which the extra revenue percentage blankets over evenly to the other flash artist(s).

Keep up the sexy work!

yeah the revenue splits will be used to help AP artists get some love too... stay tuned for more!

Hey if you could update it to make more money, that'd be great.

I am happy about this. :3

Another post is ruined thanks to mindchamber. congradulations on becoming the new NG staff.

awesome... more updates on flash api from you

This is an amazing addition to Newgrounds. As are you the the NG Staff.

what is API?


yes it does

PsychoGoldfish being productive? What has this world come to?

omg psycho for life

I don't want to activate my movie until I submit it so I was wondering, When I do Activate it.. Does the API System appear with many Options?

Name, Address, Location, Stats.

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