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mmm cheese. jay wuz ere!

Does you finished yet D:

Stupid question, but since when are you an admin?

So what about the Chat.

When are you gonna fix Pico Roulete?

sounds really cool can't wait to use the new api!

when's chat coming??????????????? tell me

hey, my API is a little buggy where when I load a new one, the page doesn't actually load fully, so the bototm half is cut off. Thanks for the API in general though :)

I'm sure you're sick of this thing with Pico roulette not working, but there's a good 4 pages in a row that are almost nothing but 'It won't work" or "IT'S NOT WORKING, FIX IT!!". If you have spare time, make everyone's wish come true with that game.

Yuor icon looks insane. o.o

How about NG chat :D

It's not letting me add a new movie to my API account. So I can't add ads to anything right now.
I'm assuming this is a site wide problem, but what can I do, or how long till it's fixed?

Hey, got any clue on how long it will take until that update is finished and we can see our earnings? :3 I think that you started working on it just after I submitted my first game with the API and I'm eager to see how much I'm earning ;)

an admin with a garbage whistle? This cracks me up.

Mindchamber, Bob, and JohnnyUtah all have garbage whistles. It's nothing new.

im so glad its being mad esier to use. thse one working right now is hard to work with and wont show me stats.

I'm still a little lost..

When you open the API page the first thing infront of you is "ADD A NEW MOVIE"..
So you type in the name of a movie you have already uploaded to newgrounds or one you will in the near future....? o_O
Also, shouldn't there be a link to the API on Newgrounds? I always have trouble trying to get to it =S


Sorry for double post..

Under "Flash Ads":
"We will review your work before granting approval, so it's important that your work complies with these terms."

How is Newgrounds supposed to review your work if you are yet to upload it??


Hey - just a little word of encouragement. I just wanted to say that the Newgrounds Flash API is a wonderful tool, and to keep up the good work!

Hi there

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