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Did a classic NG game make you fall in love with a new genre?

Posted by PsychoGoldfish - July 23rd, 2014

With the current boom of popular indy games being produced on Steam, Mobile, and the latest game consoles, I am often remonded that many of these games owe a lot to classic browser games for creating and/or popularizing new or overlooked genres.

One of my guilty pleasures these days is playing endless runners on my tablet.  Games like Jeypack Joyride and Zombie Tsunami are a lot of fun, but I can trace my love for the genre back to Dino Run and Canabalt.

What brower games made you guys fall in love with a new game genre?



Comments (13)

All of them. I can't even look at most games on phones without knowing that something better with a similar or identical core mechanic exists on Newgrounds, a lot of which would probably date back to "golden age NG".

I haven't played anything on mobile like it, but the Kitten Cannon/Burrito Bison stuff is cruelly addictive for how relatively little input you actually have.

Even the resurgence of pixel art platformers really owes a lot to the popularity of web games. @TomFulp had this note from Sony, back when Behemoth had just released Alien Hominid, that talked about how they were moving away from 2D games because 3D was THE FUTURE, and now look where we are. Not only is 2D far from dead, low res seems to be king again.

I agree with @Sirundead there's a vast amount of games to be played through out a lifetime

Definitely, a few I can think of are Dad n' Me, Interactive Buddy, Crimson Warfare, Sonny, Pandemic, Exmortis, and many many others.

Road of the dead 1 made me look at flash differently. I didn't think you could develop REAL games in flash. I distinctly remember saying out loud while playing ROTD "this is a real game". Later I played "THE ROOM", and I remember thinking, "this is how I always hoped games would be".

I think my love for 2D platformers definitely has some root in playing so many great 2D platformers on this site. I didn't grow up with a lot of 2D platformers outside of some GameBoy games, since I played mostly 3D platformers and whatnot. I also played a tonne of puzzle games on here as well as some tower defence and endless runners and beat'em ups and point-and-click games.

Pretty sure it was Aether that really got me into emotion-driven adventure games, that game just got to me, ya know?
Funny how things turn out, as games like Proteus and Journey are some of my favorite games of all time thanks to the wonderful trend Aether started way back in the day.

Alien Hominid got me into side scrolled shoot me ups.
Not a genre I play much but eh, that's. A good answer right

Toss the turtle hooked me into launch style games

The Last Stand is what got me into defense games in general.

I'm in the same boat as SirUndead.
Every game I look at these days is just a rehash of something I've seen previously.
I remember when Angry Birds popularity entered low Earth orbit and I was sitting there thinking "Gee, kinda reminds me of Crush the Castle."
But I guess that's just part of getting older, seeing the same things come into fashion and then drop out again.
By gum though, I'm not exactly old. If I'm already starting to be bored by pop trends I don't know how much more I'll be able to take.

If I remember correctly, PIco's school introduced me to point n' click games, which then turned me into a huge escape game fan. Ultimate defence was my introduction to tower defense games, which is my true love, still.

Hey SirUndead, don't forget about Pirate Launch!!

My introduction to games has been a slow one. I didn't get a console until I was already 16 (it was a Wii), and for most of my years before then my computer was garbage. I was stuck on dial up internet until I was about 15, so there weren't many browser games I played either.

Sadly I missed out on a lot of classics, and my real introduction to computer/console/browser games happened in a landslide. For that reason it's hard to trace the roots of old games that really opened doors for me.

I remember there being LOADS of fun platformer games made in Flash, and that love has really carried on. I also missed the era of famous point-n-clicks, so it was Flash games that got me into those as well.

I think the most important thing I learned from browser games, is that once you strip a game down to it's bare mechanics, is it still fun? You can add all the polish and flare you want, but if the base is no fun, then you shouldn't make it into a full game. A lot of devs seem to have missed that lesson. Flash games were made for the casual audience, looking for a quick fix of gaming. So they really now how to grab you and keep you entertained.

With Angry Birds eating our attention and money, Crush the Castle is now more relevant than ever.

I honestly do not know any examples of Flash games inspiring me to play other games.