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Fall of Cybertron

Posted by PsychoGoldfish - August 22nd, 2012

So I started playing Transformers: Fall of Cyberton yesterday and I am having a really hard time staying away from it and getting any work done.

The story so far is great, and there's almost a seamless transition when you switch from the autobot campaign to the decepticon. Its all just one continuous story told from both perspectives.

I find myself nerding out a lot, so many fun moments so far. For example, in the later Optimus Prime levels you have to haul ass in truck form to reach some objectives. On the way you can just run down decepticons and they go flying. I found myself re-enacting this scene from the transformers movie, complete with the aerial transformation/flip attack and an awesome rendition of "You got the touch"

I also re-created optimus dying... a lot...

There's also some fun easter eggs. In one place you can sit down and watch TV while your base is being attacked because NOBODY MAKES ME MISS MY SOAPS!

There's another fun one where a door switch transforms into a retarded dancing robot that had me laughing pretty good.

The characters play mostly the same, but the unique special abilities they get vary enough to really change the play style for each character's levels.

You can't get into cover Gears of War style, but you CAN switch your gun arms, so you can use cover without needing to be glued to it.

I'm not even half way through it yet, but I'm hooked. And I haven't even wet my dick in the multi-player yet.

This is definitely a must own for transformers nerds, and anyone who enjoys a good 3rd person shooter will have a lot of fun with it too. Maybe I'll see some of you on XBL.


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Did you play multiplayer with Mindchamber yet

nah we're both doing the campaign first. When we do ply, I'll be sure to sing DARE the whole time