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Ben Spurgin Tribute / Pee Man Game

Posted by PsychoGoldfish - November 8th, 2010

After a busy weekend, I was finally able to go through the portal and see what other people posted for the Ben Spurgin Tribute day. I must say I was pretty disappointed to see only 2 fans stepped up, and they weren't seasoned flash artists by any means:

Stick Slayer X (Tribute) by IstvanOrosi.
Ben Spurgin, 1977-2009 by tehtimmy4080.

EDIT: I'll try keeping track of late tributes here
Stick Slayer Heaven by Hulalaoo

I know a couple of artists started some pretty ambitious tributes and simply didn't get them done in time, but even that group of people is dissapointingly small.

Still, I must say I am glad I was able to hobble together something to pay my respects on what would have been Ben's 33rd birthday. But even I almost didn't have anything to submit.

Originally a small group of users were going to do a single collaboration telling a seamless story featuring all of Ben's characters. My section was going to feature Pee man fighting a poo monster that was actually a robot filled with stick men, wich would have segwayed into a stick slayer scene.

Unfortunately, the collab wasn't organized as well as it could have been and never got off the ground. Almost a year later we decided to just set a date to submit individual tributes so we could all work independantly, and I reworked my plans to have my tribute be 100% based on the pee man movies, changing the stick men in the robot to the giant goldfish from Pee Man III, while the poop monster was always inspired by Pee Man II.

Again, the nemesis known as time reared it's ugly head and we all got busy working on the redesign, so my tribute movie got pushed back until last week.

On Monday I was planning to just take some time and do it, but I was going to have to really dumb things down to pull it off. Then Tom mentioned he was also wishing he had actually had more time to do a tribute, so we decided then and there to tag team a game using my story concept as the basis. We started in on Nov 2nd and pretty much worked non stop until the game was submitted on Nov 5th.

For a game drawn, animated and coded from scratch in 3 days, I am very happy with how it came out, and I really want to thank Tom for being there to make sure at least SOMEONE gave Ben a fitting tribute.

And now, I have a lot of redesign work to catch up on... and also NG Chat....

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In before Luis.

First Response Post!

In before Luis.

In before Luis.

You guys mad an amazing tribute. Just be happy with that. don't harp on the negative.

Also... in before Luis

You know what? YOur work was awesome!

.siuL erofeb nI

I was xpecting this page to be full of comments right now!

The game was a pretty good effort, but if your poo is that colour then you're in some real trouble, in before Luis.

Where is Luis..

In before... oh wait....


I actually really enjoyed the game. I hope peeing on things to fight crime catches on.

I love pee, man. I mean pee man and stick slayer. I missed out on a lot my early years on newgrounds.*

in after Luis

In Luis.

I would've done something if I had flash. And some animating skills of course. I wouldn't do some shitty flash in honor of him.

But whoever had the slightest flash skills and were fans of him should've done something. I was very dissapointed in the lack of tributes.

In during bandwagon.

Ng Chat? Lies.

In before NG Chat

in b4 cha- oh.

hey luis, that's quite a big chin you got there.

Its just the fact that there wasn't enough build up for the tribute considering that halloween was right before it. Either we have the tribute on his birthday or (preferably schedule-wise) his death. If you have a 2 or 2.5 month heads up and constantly remind people, it will work, plain and simple.

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