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Best Buy Service, fast and efficient..... NOT!

Posted by PsychoGoldfish - September 12th, 2007

So last year I bought a nice big 50" RCA DLP with money I saved up to pay taxes and didn't end up owing so much.

Nive tv, wonderful picture, Dish Network HD DVR on it and all that jazz.... and I was told to expect the bulb to only last about a year or 2, so I got the service plan.

Well, sure as shit, the bulb crapped out 7 days ago... didn't fade like I was told it would... no... it just dun blew up.

I call 1-888-BEST-BUY... "hello, my dlp lamp blew, I need a new one."

"we're sorry your tv isn't working sir, we will schedule someone to come out and fix it... it's going to be in 7 days"


So yeah.. I can live without my nice tv for a week... I don't wathc it too much anyway, so I grabbed my little lcd HD screen from downstairs and hooked it up temporarily.

Well, today was the day.. I was gonna get my big screen back, so I put the lcd away, cleaned up the big tv, got it pulled out from the wall for the service guy... all ready to go.

Dude shows up right on time... opens the back, looks at the bulb

"yep, it's blown.... we'll have to order you a new one... it'll be about 7 days and I can get it installed for you"


I asked him if he could just send the bulb direct and I'd do it... "Good idea, that'll only take 2 days or so!"


Now I used to work in best buy customer service, so I get that 99% of the time when a customer tells you something is wrong on their unit, they are just retarded.... but how much technical merit do you need to take a service call from a person saying their bulb is dead, and explaining that their tv has sound but no image or light and not at least think there is a chance they are correct.

And assuming they had thought my claim was plausable... they knew the technician was 7 days out from coming over... and they could have easily looked to see if they had the lamp in stock... and if not order one.

Worst case.. they have an extra lamp all set for the next customer, right?

But no... best buy is wrapped in so much policy red tape that common sense rarely prevails.

Oh well, at least I should be able to watch saturday morning cartoons in style....

Comments (6)

Rule number one in customer service: people are fucking idiots. Sad, but true 99% of the time.

i hate best buy..

no matter what you are buying, their people always make you feel like shit for not buying their service plan..

Fuck all best buy employeess and FUCK YOU >:C

you can fuck me... but did you know that after a year or so my ass will get loose and lumpy.... our product replacement plan will guarentee that for the duration of the plan, you have a 'like-new' ass at all times, and it's only an extra $29.99

Lets go ahead and get you signed up for that shall we....

Your whistle level is GARBAGE so I'm siding with BEST BUY on this one.

Nobody likes a crybaby tattle tale.... or a Justin Timberlake lover

Why not just return the damn thing, and get a new one. It's never worth the hassle when it comes to Best Buy.

I never had any problems with best buy. Ive never bought anything from there for more than 50 dollars.

Yeah, they were being retards, I agree.