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3 pounds? What is that in courics?

I'm curious as to how many people are here because they thought the Chat was finished

please good sir tel us your secret

You got burned by Tom.

you're being like offensive and shit

You just fertalized Honshu island! You are winner!

also, lol Tom's comment.

also, your website hasn't been updated in a while; what's up with that?

...it'd be no surprise to me if you sculpted it to look like a penicorn

I call bullshit on the 3lbs mark. I bought a scale a few years back, a nice digital one that measures water retention, and I made a point to weigh myself before and after dumps for like a month. I'm positive mine capped out at 1.5lbs, and that's with a good piss included.

And I destroyed my toilet that month.

I took a dump turned my pc on then I read this,I think were soul mates

i named my poop brad

That it? I almost thought you finally lost your virginity. DOH-HO SNAP!

HOLLEEEE SHIT do I have the story fer you, Newgrounds. This shits gonna be so fuckin off the goddamn wall, yessiree BOB, you fucks better hold on to yer dicks when you here this one, mmm-hmm.

MMMMMMkay here it is:

Tom Fulp and Wade Fulp are both takin a shit in the same toilet cause moneys tight amrite? Toms shit and Wades shit fall out at the same time and, by chance, both fall on the floor. Wade just goes APESHIT. He can't believe that his FUCKIN BROTHER had the BALLS to take a shit on his shit. WAde starts runnin around and fuckin up the whole goddamn office in a MOTHAFUCKIN ACID TRIP. (his ass hanging out the whole time.)

Oh, and there's some Pico in it too.

lol now you have to beat bono's record.:D

josh tom just FUCKING RAPED YOU


is that what the ng dump service is for

So, do you pee when you poop?

I think Tom wins this one.

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