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this made me lol

i don't know how, but i'm positive this is related to penises somehow.

Chat :(

I have like 50 egg timers back at home. I only brought my favorite with me to school though. It'd be pretty hard to keep track of them all. When it comes to egg timers, I tend to stick to reliable brands that I know I can count on. Know what I mean? Napastyle makes some pretty cool designs sometimes: <a href="http://www.napastyle.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=2100&amp;parentCategoryId=517&amp;categoryId=660&amp;subCategoryId=660&amp;rcode=ggl_search&amp;cm_mmc=Google%20Search-_-Non%20Brand-_-Cluck%20Timer-_-egg%20timers">http://www.napastyle.com/catalog/prod uct.jsp?productId=2100&amp;parentCate goryId=517&amp;categoryId=660&amp;sub CategoryId=660&amp;rcode=ggl_search&a mp;cm_mmc=Google%20Search-_-Non%20Bra nd-_-Cluck%20Timer-_-egg%20timers</a>

Yeah, I own six of those.

Eventually we will develop egg time machines from egg timers.

i tried to cook an egg i with a flash light i bought because some guy told me to. it wasnt LED so i ended up needing an egg calender instaed of an egg timer

I can't believe I read the whole thing. Tell Luis that the border patrol thing sound like fun. =3

who ells can see the irony in this?

RULE 36..........no exceptions !!!!!!!

We had an egg timer for the computer so me and my siblings (namely, me) wouldn't hog the computer for more than an hour at a time.

Needless to say, after a few computer priviledge suspensions, lots of angry fits of &quot;YOUR TIME'S UP! YOUR TIME'S UP&quot; and much abuse, the fucking thing fucking broke and it's been eradicated into the junk piles around my house.


the Ipod of eggtimers!

I don't even know what this is parodying but I SO laughed.

WOW do people still use them

I now want an egg timer. no seriously, youve got me hooked so giVE ME A FUCKING EGG TIMER NOW.

Quick story: Cracker Barrel used to always carry these small egg timers on their shelves. Every time I would eat their, I'd mozey over to the gift shop and set all the egg/chicken timers to the same time and quickly leave before all the fireworks go off.

lol are you taking the piss out of wade and his flash lights or are you actually interested in eggs lol.

i cant eat eggs much
to much protein

Hmm.. something about that picture of egg timers looks familiar! It's as if.. as if....
AHA! I think I used to own one! Dunno what happened to it though... :(

why is everyone on the staff now posting random stuff? it's not that I'm complaining, I find it very much full of Lulz, I'm just wondering


my egg timer is painted with the NG color scheme! (lol, not really)

Just like Wade's obsession with flashlights!

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