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if someone viewed my movie 5 times, would i get payed for 5 times or is it once per person?

The cool thing about our system is there are plenty of ad capmaigns. Because of this, any single user will likely see multiple ads within a single game. This gives you the potential to make more money from single users, but simply refreshing the ad over and over isn't going to cheat the system and make you any money.

"Movie must not be in violation of any international copyright laws."

What does this exactly means. I seen people using characters from VG companies, such as Egoraptor (Animal Crossing is not only a video game, it's also a Anime movie), and used the API without credit anything.

What about music? Are we able to use original songs (we always credit them) and sounds effects or we are forced to find creations by people from the audio portal or other websites?

Finally about video game sprites. Are they able? Tom always have able to submit sprite movies, it's like, we all know the description he did at the Video Games Parodies, so that's my question, can we use them to make a movie, credit everything at the credits section and add the API preloader?


Just a question- how does the money get to you?
Id quite like to do this :3

Rght now we can either send you a check in the mail, or paypal your earnings.

Q: Why is my eCPM so low?

A: The amount of money you earn depends directly on 2 things. The quality of your work and the level of distribution. If your work is of low quality, less people will play it and you will not have much success with ad revenue.

If your work is high quality, but you only have it on one or two sites, you limit the amount of exposure your ads get and will also earn less revenue.

that doesnt make sence, the money you make is based on what you said, but your ecmp should be the same as everyone else exept for where people play your games (countries). unless i read it wrong, this is just bs

That would be true if ever ad had a flat cpm rate, but the fact is many of the higher paying ads are performance based. That means users have to click the ads for them to generate money. If you aren't exposing your work to a diverse audience, you probably won't get as many clicks on your ads and therefore your ecpm will be lower for it.

So have the profits been better, worse, or competitive with MochiAds? They give 50% profits and eCPM ends up being around 30-40 cents.

Because we use a lot of perfomance based ads the eCPMs can really vary from case to case. If your game is popular and appears on enough sites, you can probably expect higher eCPMs that you would get from a CPM based setup. If your work is lacking in quality or you don't put any effort into distributing it, the rates will be lower, but you'd probably get low performance with any ad provider in that case.

How do we get paid then? I can't see any payment details anywhere. :S
I'd like to have it paid to my PayPal or can you only use the money for the NG Store?

At the top of the stats page you will see a link to update your address and possibly your tax information. If you want to be paid by paypal, provide a paypal address on that page.

There are columns for both ad impressions, and move views. Do you get money based on ad impressions, or move views? Thanks.

Ad impressions... a player might view your game once, but see an ad in a title screen several times, meaning you probably have more ad impressions than movie views on yoru stats page.

On my Flash API Admin page, is says I don't have a Form W9 on file. And it says if I don't submit one, I won't be paid on earnings exceeding $600. I don't really feel like submitting one because it involves social security, etc... Does this mean I will only be able to make $600 total and that's it, or is it $600 per month, or what?

$600 total... welcome to having to pay taxes

Some of my games are only a fewK but still get a lot of plays. So... how long do I need to show the ad for to get any money?

I mean, if I use the pre-loader one, then it'd be only shown for under a second.

And I guess I'm meant to show it for a minimum amount of time?

And what're the rules on resizing?

I really want to use these ads, but I'm shit with technical stuff. :-/

if you use the preloader version, the ad stays on screen until the user hits the play button. That means they have to actually look at the screen to proceed and it's a good bet they will see the ad.

Movies that auto-play when the file is loaded tend to have really bad ad preformance, and movies that force a set amount of time to view the ad tend to get down-voted. Your best bet is having a prelaoder version with a play button when the movie loads.

Resizing is acceptible to a point, maybe going to 80% of the original size, but the smaller it gets, the lower click-through rates you can expect.

Wait, so do you submit your game first to NG then install the API, or what? And, how will you be able to retrieve the money you have earned?

You install the api and test everythng before submitting your work.

Whenever you make over $50, you will be paid via check or paypal. Make sure you have filled out your payment address information.

I'm really confused about how to set this up. I submitted a flash with API but no advertisements runs on it, the newgrounds logo just stays up. And the installion guide that came with it only helps a little. What do i do with the NewgroundsAPI.as file that has a bunch of actionscript? Do I put it somehwere, or leave it?

The API REQUIRES that you copy the NewgroundsAPI.as file into the same folder as your FLA file. When you put the NewgroundsAPI.connectMovie() code in your FLA, that .as file is automatically imported when you publish your movie.

I'm using Actionscript 1 I downloaded the file and followed all the instructions but...

1) When I look at it the ad it just says newgrounds on it and when I click on it it links to newgrounds
2) Even though the thing says 9 movie views I haven't gotten a penny. Does somebody have to buy something from newgrounds or something

I'm confused.

Because the actual ads are built using modern versions of flash, you won't see them load when you test your movie in flash. Test in a browser and you will be able to tell if things are working.

Advertising only works when you have a lot of viewers, typically numbering in the thousands. This is why you see advertising on TV where lots of people see it, but never on some barn in the middle of nowhere.... 9 views is extremely low, don't expect to make any money without putting more effort into getting viewership.

can i make money of of api with NewGrounds as my only host?

You can, but as I said above... viewership is key. Only posting your work on NG will limit how many views your ads get.

Wait a sec. Could you use this so adds only appear on sites that do not have permision to run the flash video?

sure. If you wanted approved sites to not get ads, you can just use the ad blocking feature and add the sites you have approved. Then ads wouldn't show for them, but would if anyone stole a copy of the swf from them.

Hey mine says it's connected and working, but I don't see the ads changing. I just have the NG logo. I did what you wrote to about keeping the API file in the same folder as the fla. Am I doing something wrong?

Your movie probably hasn't been approved to run ads yet (or at all)

How often do we get paid? Once a month? Once a $100?

you get paid approximatly 30 days after the end of any month your unpaid earnings get to be $50 or more. So if you made over $50 by the end of August, you would see a payment at the beginning of October.

I was wondering because im outside the U.S, how do I give paypal details and where do I give details for the cheque?

You give both on the address form which is linked at the top of the API page

i personally find ads in games annoying and change to another tab when eva i see one. the most annoying ones that i find are those online games like dragonfable and that mech one.

i think newgrounds should've stayed ad free in games and movies

I agree, everyone should spend hours of time working on free games for you to play and not get anything in return. Fucking sell-outs!

Question for ya....

If I just put API/ads into one of my old games on NG from 2005 (which is on a million other websites), what's the best way to have all other sites updated? Just email each one with an attachment and request an update?

Ha... so if we're only getting paid if the movie earnings are more than USD50 / month? say I'd make USD49.99 in a month and the month changes. Do I lose all of the money? doesnt seem to make a lot of sense to me if that's true..

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