Content Embeds!

2013-12-03 12:23:44 by PsychoGoldfish

So now that the fancy new blog stuff is working, we are also ready to debut CONTENT EMBEDS!

Currently this only works on movies with video files and audio submissions.

To embed something, look below the video/audio player for the embed icon. (If it's missing, the author doesn't want theor movie embeddable)


Copy paste the size you want (Note: Large and Medium movie embeds will be scaled down to fit the width of a blog post.)


And violla! 




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2013-12-03 12:29:01

Has science gone too far?


2013-12-03 12:36:07

Pico's Unloaded doesn't show up centered on my post
and i can't see the full player

(Updated ) PsychoGoldfish responds:

if you read the post above, you would have saw: (Note: Large and Medium movie embeds won't currently fit on your NG blog, so use the small embed code)

I'll be adding an autoscale detection bit to make large stuff fit automatically later



2013-12-03 13:57:40

I don't like that it autoplays, but I like that it works :D


2013-12-03 16:16:40

On the Nexus 7 I'm currently on, the video is too big for the player (it's cut off) and I can scroll the movie.


2013-12-03 16:23:28

I mean the player is too big for the hole.


2013-12-03 18:55:05

Hmm, will the pop-up bottom buttons be included later on, with the option of instaplaying, a toggleabale feature? Easy to say, but I imagine, sooo damn hard to code :|

Thanks man, it's better and safer than signing up for Obamacare :3


2013-12-03 19:38:52

Indeed i agree with everyone it would be nice if it didn't auto-played, is still nice though.


2013-12-03 20:18:11

that was where it turned out


2013-12-03 22:06:09

Does it work on other sites like facebook? If you can figure that out, you're already starting to catch up to Youtube and would definately help the site grow more. That's a pretty big feature. This is still really cool and am glad. Way to go.


2013-12-03 23:34:51

The only thing I think it's missing is a way to get view the content on it's original page, if that makes any sense. Otherwise, it's very nice so far.


2013-12-04 13:53:43

Great stuff!
The movie is still not getting resized for me in chrome though. Then again, the entire site doesn't get resized for me in chrome; in firefox it works fine (both the site and the embed)


2013-12-04 21:34:12

At first I thought this meant a Newgrounds Flash movie or game author could embed a portion of another's video within their movie or game via some specialized link, but only with movie authors who have authorized it. I thought that would be pretty cool.

Imagine playing a game where in one scene a character is watching a TV and a piece of another Newgrounds movie is playing on that TV. Or imagine full youtube-style commentary with portions of videos. Of course it could only work with videos where the author authorized it and the default would be the feature would be disabled.


2014-01-23 16:15:59

smart , keep up the good work!


2014-04-28 11:57:03

It glitches a bit when having multiple hyperlink pictures.


2014-10-18 10:02:03

Can you add a feature to embed playlists?